Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Bedtime Prayers

All 3 of the kiddos -- yes, you read those lonely words correctly -- are at Grandma and Grandpa's house!
I am enjoying a few days of quiet to complete some tasks, run some errands, talk in complete sentences to my husband, and eat/sleep/breathe when I want to.
However, the silence is kinda' empty. I don't fully realize every day just how much my children add to the joy of my life! One of the things I've missed the most the past few evenings is saying nighttime prayers with Abi. Brandon still mostly thanks God every night for his mommy and daddy, sissy, Camryn, truck pictures, and door-stopper (yep!). Abi, on the other hand, is beginning to really grasp the concept of talking to God about different things in her life and in the lives of others.
To soothe my lonely heart, I'll share a few snippets of Abi's recent nighttime prayers:
* God, please help my Mommy not be frustrated, and help me and brother and sister to be good while Daddy is at work.
* God, please help my Mommy love her husband, who is so nice and kind to her (I had to ask Nick if he's been prompting her with his prayers!).
* God, please help my Mommy to be thankful for aaalllll these kids of hers.
* God, thank you that you gave Daddy a wife, so that he would not have to be all alone here on Earth. (What?!?)
* God, help Mommy and Daddy not to fight when we're in the car.
* God, help Mommy to feel better about Bella (the little dog), so she will like her. (Can you say using prayer-induced guilt to manipulate Mom?)


Sharon said...
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Sharon said...

Why do I always mess up on your comments?! Sorry...anyway, just trying to say that how precious that is and that you should enjoy your time! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right?! :)

(is that how you spell fonder?--it looks weird to me?!) Oh well. I won't delete another one of my own comments! Ha!

Sherry said...

So precious-made me smile!

Valerie said...

too sweet. Imagine the thought, that this world says kids are a burden and will make your life boring?!?! Far from it!