Sunday, August 9, 2009

It's Not Like I Haven't Known

that this week would come -- the last full week with my first-born before she steps out into the world every day. I have known since the day she was born that I had 5 years and 4 months with her before she would walk the halls of a school, spending more time with her teacher and peers than with her mom and dad, having experiences every day that I know nothing about and having thoughts that, for the first time, I am not close enough all the time for her to lean over and share with me. I have cherished every day of the last 5 years, liking some days more than others but cherishing every one, nonetheless.
Nick and I decided when we were 16 years old and dating that we wanted to have a family and that raising that family would be one of our ultimate priorities in life. We have made sacrifices throughout the years, including lots of years of schooling and lots of part-time jobs to feed ourselves throughout the schooling, coupon-clipping, consignment store shopping, me putting on hold a career I love, brown-bagging, and often doing without stuff that others around us have, with the goal in mind of being able to raise our children ourselves. We didn't want to trade any time we have with our children for any of those other things. I can't imagine trading one day of frolicking in the backyard, building play-do animals, playing Candy Land, or even a chaotic outing to Wal-Mart for any amount of money in the bank or any material possession money could buy.
With this first day of kindergarten quickly approaching, I am more thankful now than I have ever been for our decision to give our children the gift of full-time family. Those first years go by so quickly, and they are the only years that our children will ever be truly ours.

God, thank you for entrusting these precious children to us. I pray you have found our parenting to be pleasing to you, up to this point, and that we have prepared Abi for this next stage in her life. Please be with her, helping her to continue to live out the Biblical principles she has been learning the past 5 years, in an environment that can be difficult and sometimes scary. Give Abi opportunities to share Love with those around her and the courage to do so. Give us wisdom for how to parent each of our children individually each day. I pray our home is always one that is comforting and safe for our family to come home to. We pray that our desires for our family are Your desires and nothing else. Thank you for our daily provisions, helping us to keep the long-range picture in mind, having the faith throughout that You would make it possible for our family. Amen.


Sherry said...

Beautifully written, Mischelle. I'm getting ready for work and now you've got me all teary! :0)

Fryar Family said...

Mischelle, you have a true gift in these words that you share with the readers of your blog. You can take the very thoughts and prayers of so many and put them into simple words that bring tears and joy. I wish that I had been able to share with you and Matt exactly the life that you have and are giving your children - I got as close as I could. I praise you for the willingness to sacrifice some of the "niceties" of life for the "necessities" of life. And, more than anything, "Thank you for allowing me to be a part of those special little lives of your children".

Now, I will go blow my nose and try to stop crying. I love you, my first born. "Me"

Erin said...

I so feel your pain!! It is SO hard to walk away and leave them that first day. I still dread the first day and I've done it many times now. But I agree, I'm so thankful for every minute I've had with my kids and am so thankful I was able to stay at home with them!!