Friday, August 21, 2009

Kindergarten Girl

Abi had a fabulous first day of Kindergarten on Wednesday!
When I woke her up she said, "Oh no! Is it raining outside?" I told her that it was not, and she said, "But it looks dark like when it's raining outside." I don't think the kid has seen the sun rise since she was about 10 months old! So, we got her dressed and went outside to watch the "sunset but in the morning." Precious!
She ate a good breakfast -- again, something I worry about because she rarely wants to eat for at least an hour after she gets up. The good news is that her teacher has a mid-morning snack time, so I know she won't absolutely starve before lunchtime.I managed to get everyone up, dressed, fed, and groomed and pictures taken in time to go take our turn in the infamous Greenwood morning traffic. It took us 35 minutes to make a 12-minute drive to the school, which is why on Monday morning, Abi will have another new adventure and board the big yellow bus -- which is what she is most excited about! She was pretty disappointed when I told her that Mommy and Daddy were taking her to school on her first day. So, more pictures to come of the bus-boarding on Monday -- she's not really old enough to be too embarrassed by mom's picture-taking obsession.

We walked her into her classroom, where we were met by her teacher, Mrs. Canada, who is an absolutely sweet woman! Abi hung her backpack up and immediately climbed into the reading nook with her friend Paige.
I was no longer needed at this point.
I did coax her out for one hug and kiss, though, before her cursury "Bye, Mom!"

I thought I was going to hold the waterworks in until I got to the car, but then her sweet teacher hugged me and said, "I'll take good care of your baby. I promise." I lost it. That's right -- she's MY baby, and I don't want to turn her over! I know she'll love it, though, and I will survive.

In the reading area with Paige.Abi will go back to school on Monday and is having a last stay-over at Grandma and Grandpa's house for a couple of days before she's a full-time student.

Brandon is already seeing the perks of Abi being in school. Yesterday it was very rainy in the morning, so he and Cam and I stayed home and played games, sat on the front porch and watched the rain, watched a cartoon together, read books . . . at lunch I said to him, "Hasn't this been a wonderful morning, just playing at home together and having fun?" Brandon said, "Yep! When Abi is at school and at Grandma's house, I can play whatever I want to and not have nobody bossing me!" Hysterical little man!


Lee Ann said...

Oh, I so loved the precious pictures and the picture of all three kids is so adorable. Abi looks so cute in her first day outfit and the backpack just sets it off. Thanks for the read. Loved it! Good job, Mommy! Love,
Lee Ann

Sherry said...

She looks so grown up w/ that backpack on! Okay, you made me cry. I, too, couldn't hold back those tear. Yep, didn't hardly make it out the door and felt so silly when other moms I knew were standing outside visiting. I tried to smile then made a dash for the car!

BeckyAnnAmes said...

This is so sweet! Especially the picture with her hugging you! :)