Friday, July 3, 2009

Only Child Syndrome

It's characterized by not having to share Mom with anyone else, being able to say and do what you want to do without a sibling correcting you or stealing your toys, not having to wait for Mom to finish doing anything for anyone else before I get what I want, and lots of room to play in the tub!
Abi and Brandon have spent the past couple of days with their MeeMaw, so Camryn has had the run of the house. She's learned a dozen new words -- she can actually get a word in! And she's had the best time at night playing in the tub. She's never had much room to roam in there with three little monkeys packed in like a sardine washing! I think we might have to start bathing in shifts to allow a little more playing space.

Play Hard, Sleep Hard!

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Fryar Family said...

Those have to be the cutest little fat thighs ever.....! ! ! They just got kisses from Grandma.