Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Not Ballet, for Sure

Abi watched part of "Lonesome Dove" with Nick this weekend and is now fascinated with cowboys and Indians. We've dressed up today -- sorry no pics of me as a rough, tough cowboy -- and played cowboys and Indians.
To throw a little culture in with her Hollywood-ized view of history, we researched different types of Indian dance on the internet until she found one she wanted to do. She liked the women doing a stick dance.

And then Camryn had to join in, of course! She liked the Indian dancing much better than the guns and bows and arrows. She cried when I pretended to be shot by my other wild Indian child.


meeksmiles33 said...

So, do you just have random costumes around the house?

Cori said...

I remember when Emma was small enough to wear the little Indian costume... :o(

Fryar Family said...

You are such a great mom.....!

Love YA!