Friday, April 16, 2010

Complex Little Camryn

This photo is so "Camryn" -- nails freshly polished and a scrape on her knee! She's so full of opposing characteristics, idiosyncrasies.

The girls enjoyed a mommy-manicure this afternoon. Abi painted her own fingers, I mean nails, bright red. After a few Q-tips soaked in polish remover, her fingers no longer look like they're bleeding!

Camryn's manicure started off a little rough, because she mistakenly thought that she would be painting her own nails. We had a bit of a struggle before she finally relented to a "little help" from Mom. She is so headstrong! She did love her "pink thingers" (aka pink fingers), in the end. She loved the princess nail dryer -- too much -- she and Abi ended up in a scuffle over the diva dryer. Sisters!Don't miss the Super Woman tattoo on the bicep!

Camryn has been asking to wear "pannies" lately, so I decided we'd just try and see what happened. She lasted about 20 minutes in the first pair, after emphatic promises that she would not pee-pee on Dora. I discovered her leakiness by stepping in the pee puddle. So, with a fresh pair of panties, we ventured out of the house, only to soak her panties, pants, shoes, wicker chair, and floor underneath at the local Mexican restaurant. I was fully expecting that to happen, so I had a diaper in tow. I think she likes the idea of wearing "pannies" but lacks the focus just yet. Got a cute picture out of it, though!


Daks Drennan said...

I love C! The picture of her under the nail dryer is priceless! Sweet memories!

Matt said...

I love my little cramberry!