Saturday, April 10, 2010

Big Birthday Girl!

Abi decided that she wanted to take a few friends to Chuck E. Cheese's, rather than having the frog-themed birthday party with a bigger group of friends that she had originally planned. So, we picked up a few friends after school, hit Happy Hour, headed to Creekmore Park for some fun in the sun, played games and ate pizza at Chuck E. Cheese's, went to the mall for a cookie from the Cookie Company, and watched a movie in the car on the way home.
What I learned from Abi's big girl birthday: we need a 15-passenger van to hold all the giggles of sweet little girls, Brandon is going to suffer greatly at the hands of her sisters and her friends, and kids either love or hate the mouse man at Chuck E. Cheese's and no amount of soothing talk will change that!
Abi and Paige after school.The Happy Hour GirlsYes, that's blood on Cam's shirt. It was our only blood-incident -- at least it was my kid and it didn't involve a loss of teeth!


tracy said...

Was it my daughter that was afraid of the big rat?!

Erin said...

Those are my favorite kinda of parties!! Cute pictures!