Saturday, June 13, 2009

We Woke Up to Snow!

The first thing Brandon said this morning was, "Can I go look and see if we have snow?!?!"

Not such an unusual request for an eager young boy --- except that it's June!
My mom gave them a "Mystical Garden" kit for Christmas. It was something I put aside to save for a rainy day, when we needed something different to do ... well, yesterday was the day. We set it up and watered it with the "magic water," and, indeed, magically, the garden began to grow. Strangely enough, the flowers and cherry trees bloomed, and the snow simultaneously piled up on the mountain. It takes about 12 hours for the full blizzard and blooming event to occur. So, Brandon was quite pleased to find that it had snowed overnight!Uncle Matt and Aunt Cori also came down to watch Abi play her last T-ball game today. She was very excited but a little nervous about the extra attention when she went up to bat. So cute! Since it was the last game, Coach Ryan also handed out trophies with their names on them. Abi has carried that thing around all day and has said several times, "This is my first trophy ever! I love it!"We also went to Daddy's work to take a peek at Uncle Matt and Aunt Cori's baby "Peanut" and try to determine Peanut's gender. No such luck, but he/she did wave at us and do a few tumbles!

After a much-needed nap, Nick "helped" Abi and Brandon build a birdhouse and a bird feeder. They thoroughly enjoyed watching him build them, handing him nails, wood glue, and hammer. I love Brandon's expression in this picture! He's so interested in what's going on!Camryn kept getting smack in the middle of construction, which is no great surprise. The true surprise, near miracle, in fact, is that 1/3 of my children are outside and clothed! :o)

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What a gift this was when I got in the office this morning...... Thanks for posting! ! !