Monday, June 22, 2009

Room to Breathe

Forever gone are the days when we'll have 3 behemoth car seats lined up in the middle row of our van.
When we found out we were expecting Camryn, a few of my first concerns were how we'd convert the upstairs bonus room into a fourth bedroom and how in the world we'd seat everyone in the van without it taking impossibly forever to load them all up.
It was so much a part of life, comically so, to open up the sliding doors and see an infant carrier next to a convertible seat next to another convertible seat. Today, no more. Camryn is now the only one in a "baby seat." She's moved to a convertible seat. Brandon is in a high-back booster, and Abi is in a bottom-only booster.
Sigh. Wipe tear. Sigh.
I love being mom to these "babies!" Those days are quickly passing me by. I know each phase has its ups, but I do miss my "babies!"


meeksmiles33 said...

It is going by so fast!! Today Jasper is 4 weeks old!! I am trying to soak in every bit of this precious baby stage! You keep those sweet memories in your heart!

Cori said...