Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sneaky Surprise

Nick has never been a good secret-keeper, but I think he's been watching and learning from the best (Me!) for the past 15 years and has perfected the craft!
Other than vaguely suspecting he was being sneaky about something, I was genuinely surprised tonight to walk into a house-full of my family and friends for a birthday celebration! And I'd even looked for the source of his sneakiness -- through his truck when I was driving it earlier this week, in his sent mail in his email, on his ebay and amazon accounts ... to no avail.
He carried if off completely, down to the blindfold he made me wear all the way back from Fort Smith. A word of advice: do not wear a blindfold while riding in a fast-moving car on Mount Harmony Road! Blah!
Kudos to the secret-keeper! And remember that "Angus cows only moo at midnight!"

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