Thursday, March 26, 2009

It was just about this time on this day last year that the reality of childbirth was once again beginning to set in. After having my water broken at 9, the contractions were really starting to hit hard and fast. I was excited to know that in only a few short hours, I would finally get to hold my precious daughter in my arms.
It was such a special day, as all of my children's birth days were! I feel so blessed to remember every smell, the feel of the air walking into the hospital each time, every horrible print on the hospital wallpaper (seriously, where do they buy that stuff), every contraction, the looks on the faces of my family members (they looked far more tortured than I ever felt), the feel of Nick's wedding band as he held my hand during pushing, the innumerable typos on the various publications in the women's center hallways at St. Edward (during each contraction, I'd stop walking and focus on finding typos and grammatical errors on the papers -- who said being a nerd doesn't come in handy!) ... priceless memories! I'd re-live each day a hundred times over if I could!
There is no greater blessing than being a mom. Thank you, God, for these blessings. And "Happy Birthday" to my Baby Cam!


Pitchoune said... sweet! Happy Birthday Camryn!

Sherry said...

awww! so precious! Happy Birthday, Cam!

Fryar Family said...

Mischelle, I am so proud that you are able to experience pregnancy and childbirth the way that God intended. I feel blessed that you had easy (ok, it was bad, but could be worse) and healthy deliveries.