Thursday, May 6, 2010

He Knows Me Well

Precious, lump-headed Brandon made a Mother's Day gift book for me at Mother's Day Out today. He answered questions about me, proving just how well my sensitive little man knows me.
  • "My mom's favorite color is ... purple."
  • "My mom looks very pretty when she ... goes to church." About the only time I'm not in stinky workout clothes. :o)
  • "I like it when my mom ... puts me to bed." Such a sweet snuggle time with him!
  • "My mom makes me laugh when she ... hits Daddy's head." Don't know about this one! Swear!
  • "My mom's favorite thing to do is ... clean up the carpet!" I love that kid!


meeksmiles33 said...

This is so sweet!

Sharon said...

Absolutely precious!!!! (he does know you pretty well I think!)

Valerie said...

that is stinkin adorable!