Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had such a fun time tonight at the Fall Festival. Our church sponsors an all-out carnival, complete with dozens of carnival games, pony rides, bounce-a-rounds, face painting and more candy than a pre-schooler can haul around. Abi and Brandon were certainly old enough this year to love the games and had a great time seeing their friends and what they dressed up as.

Camryn didn't care one bit about any of it . . . just the end result. By the end of the night, she was opening candy and then just staring at it, as if to say "I really want to eat this, but I just can't." She'd hand it over to me and say, "Trash." Five minutes later, she was back in the plastic pumpkin, opening another piece, only to end up trashing it, too.

After the Fall Festival, we scored a free hot dog at Sonic for everyone and set off trick-or-treating in a neighborhood where several friends live. The kids had such a fabulous time. I'm just thankful that tonight is when we set the clocks back and gain an hour to sleep off some of this sugar!P.S. Any of you who knew me and Nick in high school might recognize these costumes from our sophomore year . . . the stuffing has sagged down a little, but hasn't everything!!Nick and Mischelle, Halloween 1993


Fryar Family said...

How cute! ! ! Grandma sure missed my fun with the babies last night. Wish I had been there to see Brandon being so brave riding his pony.

Julie said...

how sweet!!! i love your costumes too!

ps: i tagged you on my blog. :)