Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Superhero X-Ray Vision

Brandon now has Superhero X-Ray vision because he can see his "teef" on the computer!

The double good news for Brandon, besides having a new super-power, is that there is no portion of the tooth left and it looked broken on the edges because his teeth are already starting to resorb. That means that he might lose his baby teeth early anyway, so he might only have a couple of years, as opposed to 3, of looking like this . . .He also pulled at the heartstrings of the tooth fairy, who paid out big time because of his traumatic tooth loss. He is beyond excited to have a police car that transforms into a robot policeman -- and three "monies" (aka dimes). He has told everyone we've passed today - stranger or not - that he lost his tooth and that the tooth fairy gave him a police car that . . . . yeah, the whole story again!! :o) And the other good news is that the tooth fairy has to come back again tonight to claim the tooth since we had to have it for the dentist visit this morning!

And then there's precious baby sister who has been such a trooper today, with all of our running around! She was so sweet last night when Brandon was crying, and his mouth was bleeding. She kept touching his mouth and looking sad.


Cori said...

Little Miss needs to wear bows more often! She looks absolutely adorable in bows!!!

Sherry said...

Both girls were so sweet to him that night. I'm so glad he's okay and it all worked out. He is quite the trooper!! Brave little guy!