Friday, September 18, 2009

Laughing Through the Terrible Twos!

Camryn, at the ripe old age of 17 1/2 months, is now smack in the middle of the "Terrible Twos!"
While I'm not laughing too hard, at least she's entertaining people everywhere we go.

Just today:
Almost immediately after walking into the dentist's office, Camryn found a not-so-private location near to an older gentleman in the waiting room and proceeded to grunt her way through her "stinky business." She does not like the feeling of poo in her diaper anymore, so she comes to me, walking across the entire waiting room, stench following closely behind, holding her bottom, pelvis pushed forward and nose scrunched up. I discreetly said to her, "Did you poop your boo? We'll change it in a few minutes." She started to stomp her feet, obviously thinking I didn't understand her booty-holding charade. So, I quietly repeated to her that I knew she'd pooped and that we'd change it in a minute. So, she then clenches her fists by her sides and lets out the loudest imitation of "I'm having a ginormous b.m." grunt I've ever heard! I thought the man was going to fall out of his chair he was laughing so hard!

Then, less than 30 minutes later:
We're having lunch with friends at a local restaurant, and Camryn drops her crayons in the floor and gets down to retrieve them. She decides that she'll just stay down in the floor, instead of getting back up in her chair. I asked her to get back in her chair, and she just gave me the silent stare and stood there. So, I began counting (she knows that if I get to "3" she'll get a spanking). I said, "One." And she put up one finger and said, "One." and then opened her hand a bit and said, "Two." and then spanked herself on the bottom! And then climbed back up in her chair and went about coloring. The grandma and mother in the booth next to us just died laughing.



Sherry said...

Oh Mischelle, that is priceless! You've got to keep these stories in her baby book for her. I love that girl!

Valerie said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Reba said...

Oh, my, why does this sound so very familiar to me? And why is it always funnier when it is someone else's child? :)