Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers' Day!

My day was full of precious little gifts from my babies. They made me beautiful paper flowers in Sunday School that now adorn my countertop. They made cards with tracings of their hands that I will save forever to help me remember what it was like to hold their hands and be able to wrap my fingers all the way around them. They colored me pictures that make my refrigerator look like a rainbow. This morning, I heard them shout "Happy Mothers' Day" over and over again in voices that sounded like angels singing. Truly a day to love being a mom!

As a child, I remember some of the little things I made for my mom for Mothers' Day. I remember feeling like I might burst while waiting to give her special gifts on holidays (Remember, Mom, I got you the "same thing I got Grandma!" The best hint ever!) Ha!
As a young child, it is still so easy to choose a gift for your mom -- before you truly realize what motherhood really means.

Earlier this week, as I considered what to give my Mom for Mothers' Day, I reflected on the enormity of motherhood and how silly, really, and how exceptionally frustrating it is to try to find a gift that really shows your heart for your mom. A card, right? Well, what words do you write in it that would adequately reflect your feelings toward Mom? It all falls short. A plant? A book? A collectible? Music? Nothing expresses my thoughts and feelings about my mom, now that I am a mom and am beginning to grasp the enormity of its responsibility and blessing!

So, along with a little trinket I hope she likes, I am giving the best gift I can think to give her this year ... my own motherhood. I hope she can see some of her best (and not so best sometimes) :o) attributes of her own mothering in her daughter as a mother.

Happy Mothers' Day, Mom, for all you mean to me.
Happy Mothers' Day, Sandy, for raising the man I love spending my life with.
Happy Mothers' Day, my Mommy Friends, for sharing this journey daily with me.

I love you all!


Fryar Family said...

Your words mean more than I can possibly say, Mischelle - My Belle. You honor me by being the mother that you are to my grandbabies. You honor me with your love. The only gift I need is to know that you love me. "Thank you" is not enough, but the only words that even begin to fill the enormity of the love I feel for you.

Tonia Hobbs said...

You are a precious mom with precious children.
Love, Tonia