Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cloudy Day ....

Today, my mood just matches the weather. Cloudy.
I have so much to be thankful for - I certainly haven't lost sight of that. Just a bit gloomy.
I was told by an elderly man today, who had just come within 2 inches of plowing over my cart full of children groceries in the crosswalk, that his time (all 20 extra seconds it would have taken him to stop and let us pass had he chosen to do so) was more valuable than the four precious faces in my cart. I generally ram my cart into the fenders of said crosswalk offenders, but I had exercised self-control, much to my chagrin now. Just kidding. Kind of.
I put away the highchair for the fourth and final time.
There are home repair projects that desperately need to be done, but I can't do it myself (enter the sobbing when I came home to discover my 85-year-old neighbor brushhogging our pasture because it's embarrasingly overgrown).
We have this puppy that I really like but can't seem to fully housebreak, and even I am tired of steam cleaning.
Dexter won't quit vocalizing through his nose - think nails on a chalkboard.
Remission is no longer a likely outcome for Nick's grandfather.
I have become a last-minute, procrastinator out of necessity.
My momma doesn't feel good lately.
Everyone's bedsheets need to be changed.
I miss my best friend.
There's a 6-inch hole in my living room carpet - let me tell you that cleared a room when this Momma discovered that!
I have gained 5 pounds and haven't exercised in weeks, unless you count holding down a 100-pound obnoxious puppy yesterday.
My kitchen is still half-painted.
Despite 3 hours in town this morning, I still have a list of errands a mile long.
I haven't vacuumed along my baseboards in months, and my plants are droopy and begging for a drink.
My first-ever Smartphone just died. So much for technology.
I have a massage gift certificate that I haven't used in almost 2 years. Thankfully, it has no expiration date.
I just feel gloomy, and then I feel guilty and ashamed for letting these things, most of which are horribly insignificant, bug me.
Attitude is a choice, and I will smile.


Valerie said...

Oh sweet Mischelle, you are so utterly human. Like us all. Your precious and always have been in my eyes because of your ability to be real, while at the same time keeping your eyes on Jesus and working towards being what you know HE wants you to be. I truly hope you have a better day, but remember God often speaks to us and grows us on those gloomy times.
love from California!

likestocanoe said...

Your momma is just fine and you will be, too. Just hasn't been a good week for the Coston family. Know that God and I love you to the bone marrow and we are here for you.

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