Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Breakfast Drama!

High drama in our house starts early, especially with Camryn. I asked her what she wanted for breakfast this morning and she replied, "Cereal. With milk." Easy enough. No.
I put the cereal in the bowl and started to pour the milk over it, and the shrieking began!
It took awhile for the Drama Princess to calm down enough for me to understand that she was saying, "Put the milk on bottom! I want the milk on bottom of my cereal!"

So, we scooped the cereal to the side of the bowl, poured the milk in, and let the cereal go back on top of the milk! Lesson learned: Camryn is not content with letting gravity do its job with her milk! Milk must go in before cereal!

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meeksmiles33 said...

I love your stories!!