Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowtime Adventures

We have been severely disappointed by winter weather predictions so far this winter - predictions of snow that completely missed the mark. However, this weekend's winter storm was even better than expected. We had a minimum of ice, no power outage, and 7" of snow!

I love playing in the snow in the dark, which we were able to do Friday night as it started to accumulate. Brandon is not a cold-hardy little man; he lasted about 10 minutes before he headed inside and warmed himself in his underwear by the fire. Camryn was a little overwhelmed but seemed to enjoy the "suh-no," and Abi absolutely couldn't get enough of it! Even Bella seemed to enjoy the snow, although 7" is a little deep for her to navigate easily. We headed in to thaw out, decorate some warm cupcakes, drink some hot chocolate, and watch a little "Tom & Jerry" by the fire. Who could ask for a more perfect wintry Friday night?!

We headed out again this morning to play again - just glad Nick didn't require a trip to the ER to repair a damaged tongue. :o)

Not the most flattering picture of me --- but I looove Cam's face in this one!


Cori said...

OK... Your kids are precious, but Bella wins the award for the cutest picture!

Erin said...

Is that a Dumb & Dumber pic I see??!! Snow makes the sweetest pictures!!

Sherry said...

So fun! Love all the pictures~we had a blast too!

Julie said...

I'm laughing so hard at N right now! lol!!